We at Jay Shankar Snacks and Confectioners Pvt. Ltd. lay great emphasis on quality right from the procurement of raw materials to packaging and warehousing. We believe that 'Quality' is achieved through continuous improvement and performance excellence to ensure the high standards of our products, services, processes and technology offered to our customers. Since the conceptualization of our business we have placed focus on the development and deployment of a business management system designed to facilitate continual improvement of the business, stimulating its overall efficiency in order to increase competitive advantage and to respond better to customer needs and expectations.
Our Team
Our team works in congruence to management to develop focused strategies and deploy precise resources to maximize market opportunities. We believe in introducing professionals with relevant expertise to address specific challenges to growth and foster customer relationships.
Enjoy Snacks
  • Make fried our different designs Toys and give it to your childrens' lunch box, so that they can eat fresh home made tasty snacks rather than outside's snacks
  • Our Items are favourite timepass for - Parties, Kitty Parties, Marriage or @ any Tea Time
  • Take our tasty masaledar fryms with Tea/Coffee or with soft drinks when gettogether with friends
  • Our items can be eat as a starter before taking dinner.
  • Our items are best for ready to eat in picnic and travelling
  • Serve our biscuits with Souce
  • Biting with Soft drinks or hard drinks
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