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Types of ingredinents :
Main Ingradients used in our products are Wheat flour(Maida), Starch, Ful Khar, Iodised salt, preservatives and permited food colours etc.

Frying Specification :
The Frying specification of the product required frying medium as any of the Vegetable ediable oil with a ratio of 1:4 i.e for one KG of rew pallets 250 gms of vegtable oil will be required.

Our product in raw form is suitable for one year from date of manufacturing

Packing Specification :
Statndad packing : 30 KG HDPE bag packing
Export Packing : 25 KG HDPE bag With Lainar
Or as per customer Specification.

Price :
Prevailing price Subject to confirmation.

Design No. JS-04
Thickness -
Raw size 15mm X 5mm
Taste Cereal based salty taste
Color Natural white
Moisture 4% to 5% Approx.
Packing Material H. D. P. E. bag with liner 
food grade plastic lamination.
Packing weight 30 kgs.(Per bag)
Qty per 1 kg. 3000 pieces.
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